Here’s the Dirt…"Literature Candles Giveaway"

Win two Literature Candles
Compliments of
“Dirt from The Clay Pot”
A prize worth $58.00!
Win two 3×6 “Literature Candles”
in A Christmas Carol scent.
Here is all you have to do.
Submit your favorite
“inexpensive holiday gift idea”.
Comment on this post with your best idea
and I will pick my favorite gift idea submitted.
The contest ends Friday, December 4th at midnight.
Yes, it’s as simple as that.
Need inspiration…check out my my holiday gift idea at
View everyone’s comments on this post
to get ideas for that perfect inexpensive holiday gift
you might be looking for.
Be fun, be creative and share your wonderful ideas with others!
May the best idea win!
I will notify the winner by email.

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29 thoughts on “Here’s the Dirt…"Literature Candles Giveaway"

  1. My favorite inexpensive gift is knitting a scarf. It's a simple thing to knit, and the personal touch makes the gift well worth my time. This can cost as little as $5 depending on the yarn chosen.

  2. This year I am giving Amish Friendship bread to all of my neighbors. Throughout the year, when I made my “dough babies” to give away, I froze one or two of them each time to have on hand for the holidays. They freeze great, thaw quickly on the countertop, and are ready to make into bread (really cake). I have not found anyone that doesn't love this bread!

  3. I am a collector of holiday music of all kinds – quirky, kitschy tunes; classics; gorgeous Celtic music; etc. I love to put together mix CDs for my friends and co-workers of holiday music. I usually make two – one for those who would appreciate the humorous and the weird, and another for those who would like straight “normal” songs.

  4. Last year I was a “secret santa” at work and I knew the person enjoyed reading but couldnt imagine just picking one book without knowing their tastes.

    So I created a list of my favorite books from a variety of genres, along with why the book touched me and what mood it fit (i.e. A great book to read on a gloomy day, on a beach, in front of a fireplace, in a hammock, on a bus, with a child, etc)

    I then made a collection of bookmarks using stamps, magazine clippings, favorite book quotes and wrapped them all up in a box with my book recommendation list.

    She adored it, and I'm planning to do something similar this year for other readers in my life.


  5. Easy! Cookies in a jar! Just mix together the dry ingredients tie some ribbon around it with the recipe on card stock either stuck to the side of the jar or tied with the ribbon.

    In my case I bought a paperback cozy mystery book with the recipe inside and gave that away with it.


  6. These are some great ideas! I hope everyone is checking them out and adding them to their own list. Keep them coming in! This is going to be a lot harder to decide a winner than I thought…thanks for sharing your fun ideas. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  7. I love to give the timeless homebaked cookies or poundcakes. They're yummy, everyone loves them and, were I to receive the same from someone, I would appreciate the time and effort that went into the baking.

    This year the kids may decorate recycled boxes to put the goody gifts in.

  8. I like to use my software to create a collage picture for gifts. It might be a group of pictures of their family I have taken through-out the year, or maybe a trip we took together. One year I just went to their house(s),took a picture of it decorated for Christmas and make it into a Christmas card for them.


  9. My friends and I have an annual get together. We each bring 5-10 items that we bought or received as gifts and never used. We then “shop” for gifts for others. Each person may take as many items as they brought – it's a great (SAFE) way to regift!

  10. I just love Paperwhite Narcissus, so I shop around at second hand stores and yard sales looking for .25- .50 vases or pots. Clean them up, add a little something like a ribbon or paint the pot to match the persons decor…. this is a gift under $3.50 that last for the entire season. It's green and inexpensive.
    What a fun giveaway!!!
    I love candles!!!

  11. This year I want to make picture frames that can be changed- buy cheap wide frames, spray paint with chalkboard spray, and viola! Can be customized for any holiday and changed daily if you want!

    sandyzarzano at email dot com

  12. Every year I collect plastic boxes with red lids that lunch meat come in. I wash them & save them for Christmas time. Then I make a large batch of this chex mix recipe
    After they cool I sprinkle some Christmas colored M&M's on top & package them in each plastic box. Add a homemade Christmas note & send them on their way. It works well as a teachers gift, for people who travel on Christmas, & co-workers.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. One of my favorite gifts was from my sister. A small decorative silver dish with a lid and inside were 30 slips of paper with reasons why she admired/loved me – one for each day for a month. She gave this to me years ago and I still have all the slips of paper in the dish. Every once in a while I will pull a few of them to read when I am having a bad day :)!

  14. Wow! Yall are making my job difficult. These are all great ideas. Keep them coming! A winner will be picked December 4th. I know everyone is getting some great ideas just in time for the holidays. These are all so creative!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with all of us,
    Joe Jumper

  15. I like to find a gift that combines my love of books with my desire to bring the family together at the holidays. Each year I search for a meaningful Christmas book to purchase for friends with children (even ones with teenage children enjoy them). When I can, I add a reminder from the book that each member of the family can carry with them; for example, the year I gave the book Polar Express, I made silver bell necklaces for each family member. Another favorite book is Auntie Claus, and with that book I gave old fashioned keys. Some years, I even get invited to be the story teller.


  16. Last year my Mom wanted to make something really special for the family and especially her grandchildren. We found all her favorite recipes that the grandchildren and children always enjoy her making when we visit and made a Family Cookbook. We typed and saved some of her favorite recipes on the computer and then bought 3 inch white binders and using page protectors we copied each recipe and put the copied recipes in the folder. I took a picture of my “Mom/Grandma” sitting by her fireplace and copied the picture and slipped it in the front cover with a personilized note to each grandchild. This year she will type a few more recipes to add to their books. It was very special gift that they will have even after she is no longer with us. One of their favorite recipes is Grandma's Chicken and Dumplings.
    There are many things especilly recipes that we don't want to ever forget about!! Mom turned 85 yrs. old on Nov. 25th.

  17. My favorite gift idea is a memory. Something that the recipient can hold and cherish for many years to come. I think that the most important thing in life is making memories. Without them, we would have very little meaning in our lives. So make the holidays something special that will be remembered in the family for years to come. Nothing can beat that.

  18. I LOVE going to Goodwill and looking at their glass or wood bottles and vases. You can almost always find something really strange and fun shaped and do all sorts of things with it. Fill it with candy and tie a bow around the neck; mount them sideways on a small piece of wood and paint the whole thing to hang jackets and keys on; even filling it with sand to remind someone special of the beach. Lots of options! I love bottles 😀

  19. homemade cookies are always a favorite. I wrap them in recycled plastic containers with twine, ribbon, ornaments, even pictures from re-purposed book covers.

  20. My favorite gift this year has been the Anthropolgie art bowls filled with Roses trimmed shortly.
    I got these bowls during the summer thinking they were so quaint that there was bound to be a use for them. I now fill them with individual things according to the person.
    From Chapel talks to Birthdays and now to Holiday gifts, they are the perfect (cutesy, useful, something for the person who has everything) gift.

  21. Succulent wreaths are easy to make and are beautiful inexpensive gifts!–Just get small wire wreath frames at craft store or nursery and put moist potting soil inside.
    Then wrap sphagnum moss around frame/soil and wrap a wire around wreath very tightly and securely. Use a pencil or stick to push small holes in soil/moss and plant small succulents in holes. Push moss around succulents to hold in place and leave on level surface for a week to make sure they root, before holding upright.
    ~~~Green gifts are always welcome!~~~

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