Here’s the Dirt…Easy Holiday Decorating Idea…"Boxwood Mounds"

Easy Holiday Decorating Idea
“Boxwood Mounds”
Here is a simple decorating idea that anyone can do for the holidays.
Find some boxwood to cut.
If you don’t have boxwood, ask a friend…
boxwood likes to be trimmed anyway.
Cut multiple tips about 6 inches long.
Depending on how many pots you would like to fill,
cut quite a bit…
you can always use the extra somewhere else in your home.
Find a pot or container you would like to fill.
(We have these silver pots at The Clay Pot in 5″ and 7″)
Soak and cut some florist oasis to fit snug in your container.
Cut all your stems about the same length.
Decide how high you want your stems to be.
Start in the middle of the oasis and begin sticking your stems
into the oasis, working your way out towards the edge of the pot.
Make your boxwood thick and full.
Add some sheet moss around the edge to hide any oasis showing.
Your “Boxwood Mounds” will last well past the holidays
and eventually just dry.
(I made some last year for the holidays
and ended up throwing them out around March)
These arrangements look great in multiples
grouped down a dining room table.
If using larger containers, do a pair
and place on your mantle or sideboard.
Happy Boxwooding!
If you need some help…give us a call and we can make them for you.

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