Here’s the Dirt…Stray Dog Designs, Designer Jane Gray

Jane Gray, Stray Dog Designs
It all began with the love of a dog. When Billy Pritchard and Jane Gray first welcomed that sweet, scrawny stray into their lives, they had no way of knowing that she would lead them to found their own company.
That was 1994. In the years since La Princessa captured their hearts, Billy and Jane have grown and matured from a struggling pair of newlyweds selling lamps out of a pickup truck, into the founding partners of Stray Dog Designs, internationally reconized designer/manufacturer of lamps and home accessories.
I remember those days when Jane and Billy would stop by my shop with items in the back of their truck. It was always a treat to see what Jane had just designed. I’ve watched them grow their company over the years to the success it is today. Jane and Billy are one of a kind. Their kindness and love for what they do is an inspiration to everyone.
I will be sharing with you some of the wonderful designs from Stray Dog Designs.

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