Here’s the Dirt…"Stray Dog Designs" featured in HGTV Green Home, 2010

My pals, Jane Gray and Billy Pritchard
of “Stray Dog Designs”
had some of their fun products
featured in the “HGTV Green Home, 2010”.
Billy just returned from a trip to Haiti,
where many of their paper mache items are made.
Congratulations “Stray Dog” on the great feature!

Here’s the Dirt…"Donations to Stray Dog Designs"

Please support our friends Billy Pritchard and Jane Gray of “Stray Dog Designs” by sending them a donation for the people of Haiti. Stray Dog Designs will match the amount donated up to $10,000.00. Many of their wonderful products are made by artisans in Haiti.
Toll Free 866.478.7297

Here’s the Dirt…Revival

Purveyor of antiquities, luxury gifts and the most uncommon of goods.
Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall, co-owners or Revival and Revival Studio
are bringing new excitement to Chattanooga!
This fall they will be moving their wonderful shop and design studio to Warehouse Row.
I can’t wait to see the magic they will create.
If you’ve ever been to Revival you know it’s like stepping right into
the pages of a magazine photo shoot. Wow!
Revival Studio will also be creating the interior designs for all
common areas inside Warehouse Row.
I’ve seen just a sneak peak, and it’s going to be very elegant and something
Chattanooga has never seen.
Chattanooga is so fortunate to have the many talents of Rodney and Billy.
Their vision is Chattanooga’s gain.
Make sure you check out Revival’s website
at “Links I Dig” to see more of their wonderful work.

Here’s the Dirt…Floor Lamps by Stray Dog Designs

Buzz Floor Lamp by Stray Dog Designs

Barry Floor Lamp by Stray Dog Designs

I really love these floor lamps, designed by Jane Gray of Stray Dog Designs. Do you know how Jane names her products? Many of the products in Stray Dog Designs are named after people and animals that have made a difference in Jane and Bill’s lives. These floor lamps are name after their good friends Buzz Kelly and Barry Gurin. I know they feel honored to have such a great product named after them. Too cool!

Here’s the Dirt…The Gentle Bull from Stray Dog Design

Kids and the Gentle Bull

All of the Objets D’art from Stray Dog Designs are handmade of paper mache from recycled materials-primarily recycled cement bags-by artisans in Haiti.
With every Stray Dog Designs purchase, someone’s life gets a little bit better. Every time you buy a Stray Dog Designs product, a portion of the purchase price goes to organizations that serve critical needs like feeding hungry children, building houses for homeless families, or providing healthcare and homes for stray dogs and cats.
You get a cool bull for your home and you get to feel great about making a real difference in someone’s life!

Here’s the Dirt…Stray Dog Designs, Designer Jane Gray

Jane Gray, Stray Dog Designs
It all began with the love of a dog. When Billy Pritchard and Jane Gray first welcomed that sweet, scrawny stray into their lives, they had no way of knowing that she would lead them to found their own company.
That was 1994. In the years since La Princessa captured their hearts, Billy and Jane have grown and matured from a struggling pair of newlyweds selling lamps out of a pickup truck, into the founding partners of Stray Dog Designs, internationally reconized designer/manufacturer of lamps and home accessories.
I remember those days when Jane and Billy would stop by my shop with items in the back of their truck. It was always a treat to see what Jane had just designed. I’ve watched them grow their company over the years to the success it is today. Jane and Billy are one of a kind. Their kindness and love for what they do is an inspiration to everyone.
I will be sharing with you some of the wonderful designs from Stray Dog Designs.