Here’s the Dirt…"Easy Bistro & Bar"

“Easy Bistro & Bar”
is a great facility for hosting an event in Chattanooga, TN.
Here are some photos from an event
we were setting up last night.
Can you believe this wonderful space?
I love the dramatic decor…it is so hip!
The space and restaurant are available for private parties.
To find out more information go to…

Here’s the Dirt…"B4 It Was Cool", Soho NYC

“B4 It Was Cool”
located in Soho, NYC
I know where I am headed on my next trip to New York.
Tate Gunnerson of Strange Closets, raves about
“B4 It Was Cool”, stating it is the perfect
shopping spot for vintage, one-of-a-kind finds.
89 E. Houston Street
New York, NY

Here’s the Dirt…"The Shops at Riverview" New Blog

Check out the new blog,
There is a new blog in town and it’s called
“The Shops at Riverview”.
Yes, I’ve decided to start a second blog
and focus on the community
of Riverview in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
I will feature news, stories, events and the
latest happenings from all the fun shops in our area.
Around here we all call it food, fun, and finds!
Yep, I will include restaurant menus of the week,
hot merchandise, profiles of people, shops
and much, much more!
If you have any Riverview news you want to share…
just let me know.
Make sure you become a follower of
“The Shops at Riverview” blog
and watch as it grows!

Here’s the Dirt…A Few Valentine Funnies!

These all have a little more “punch” when spoken with a southern, country twang…
(or as I would normally speak…and yes, they were all composed my me)

The older you get, the highter your hair,
Just that hint of blue…makes all the men stare.

Sugar Pie, Sweet Pea, Snookums, Honey,
I make the dough…and you spend my money.

I like my beer, and you like your pies,
I’ve got this belly…and you’ve got those thighs.

Does this make me look skinny?
Does this make me look fat?
Honey, you better think twice…before answering that.

Here’s the Dirt…It’s Easy to Subscribe to…"Dirt from The Clay Pot"

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