Here’s the Dirt…"My Weekend Project"…Trowel Wall Hooks

“My Weekend Project”

Trowel Wall Hooks
I found these wonderful old trowels today
at an estate sale…
I’m going to turn them into wall hooks
by mounting them on a wall…
they will be great for holding all my “whatevers”…
Can’t wait to put them in the shop!

Here’s the Dirt…"The Clay Pot"…January 2012

“The Clay Pot”
Chattanooga, TN
Here is a sampling of some of the new looks
we have been working on at the shop.
It’s always fun coming up with new display ideas.
January is the perfect month
for making changes and sprucing up the shop…
We would love for you to “like” us on our facebook page
to see even more of what we are doing…
Tell us what you think of the shop!

Here’s the Dirt…"Slate"

We use these rectangular pieces of slate
so many different ways at the shop.
They’re great for pricing, displaying product lines, showing specials…
just write on them with chalk and when your finish just wipe them off.
Perfect for dinner parties labeling your different dishes.
(2.5″ x 8″)
Available at
The Clay Pot
Chattanooga, TN

Here’s the Dirt…"Cute Packaging of Bella Cucina Products"

“Cute Packaging”
One of my vendors, “Addiah”, does such a great job packaging
and embellishing her “Bella Cucina” Products
that we carry in the shop…
the mini wooden spoon just top them off!
My vendors, like “Addiah” add so much to the variety of products
we carry in the shop.
They all do such a great job!

Here’s the Dirt…"Wedding Samples" by The Clay Pot

A few samples of wedding items styled by
The Clay Pot.
We are so fortunate to have worked on
such a variety of weddings this past year.
Looking back, I really notice the different looks
each wedding has…and that’s what makes them
so much fun to create!
For more wedding information call
The Clay Pot

Here’s the Dirt…"Map your Destiny" at The Clay Pot

A few photos of my shop…

“The Clay Pot”


Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It’s always fun creating new displays in the shop,

today we worked on a “Map” area…
thought it turned put very well.

I love the globe, postcards

and just the entire mix of muted colors…