Here’s the Dirt…"Mums in a Can"

“Mums in a Can”
They are simply too cute!
Our “Mums in a Can” make a great hostess gift
or just a simple “thank you arrangement” for someone special.
The great thing about these arrangements is they are simple,
long lasting and make a
“big impact without breaking the bank!”.
They are great used in multiples
and can be easily customized using any color fabric.
White Cushion Mums were used in the ones pictured above.
Give us call for more information.

Here’s the Dirt…Gigi’s Cupcakes were a hit!

“Gigi’s Cupcakes”
were a hit at
The Clay Pot Holiday Open House!

A special thanks to Mike Irwin at Gigi’s Cupcakes for providing their wonderful mini cupcakes for The Clay Pot’s Holiday Open House.
They were a huge hit!
Make sure you stop by, or call Gigi’s Cupcakes in Chattanooga
located at
1906 Gunbarrel Road near Hamilton Place.
Phone: 468-4803

Here’s the Dirt…at The Clay Pot…Red Currant Candles

Red Currant Candle
We just received a new shipment of Red Currant Candles at The Clay Pot. We sell this candle 20 to 1 over any other candle we have in our shop. If you’ve never tried one, you’ve got to stop by and pick one up. You’ll love it!
Votivo’s Red Currant Candles available at The Clay Pot.

Here’s the Dirt…at The Clay Pot…Terrariums

We are creating these wonderful terrariums at The Clay Pot using glass canisters. What makes them so great? There is no watering needed. We’ve designed them using natural mood moss, reindeer moss and succulents. We’ve embellished them with sticks, feathers and bird eggs. They make great gifts for a home or office. Order them for party favors at your next party or shower. They could be the perfect hostess gift…no maintenance.
Prices start at $9.99. Call The Clay Pot at 423.265.2007 for your next order.
You’ll really “dig” these.

Here’s the Dirt…from The Clay Pot…Flowers in Photo Votives

Photo Votives with Fresh Flowers

Need a great personalize gift for someone? Let us pick out an initial in one of our original Photo Votives created by Michael Sparkman and Joe Jumper. We’ll fill it with flowers and send it out. (Candle included)
Call The Clay Pot at 423.265.2007.

Here’s the Dirt…from The Clay Pot…Photo Votives spell "Joe"

The great thing about the Photo Votives is you can spell anything. Light the candle and you have a piece of original art created by The Clay Pot. Since we make the designs ourselves, we can customized the votives using any letter or design you like.
We can reverse the letters on each side, if you’re running them down a table. If using them on a mantle, we can add a different letter or texture on the back, flip them around and you have a completely different design showing. Be creative with your words! The possibilities are endless.
These make great original gifts and the votives can also be used as a vase with fresh flowers.
Call The Clay Pot at 423.265.2007 for details.

Here’s the Dirt…from The Clay Pot…Alphabet Photo Votives

Photo Votives

Photo Votives is an original product line created by Michael Sparkman and Joe Jumper available at The Clay Pot. The concept was by Michael Sparkman and all original photography is by Joe Jumper. Each 6×3 alphabet photo votive includes a 10 hour candle. Photo Votives can also be used with flowers as a vase. Each letter is available in at least four different styles.

$16.oo each.

These make great bridal gifts for the bride and groom! Great bridesmaid’s gifts. Spell out any word or phrase!

Please call The Clay Pot, 423.265.2007 for more information.