Here’s the Dirt…a "Green Theme"…easy decorating by The Clay Pot

A “Green Theme”
for the Holidays
The Clay Pot.
An antique box filled with boxwood,
a wooden bowl fill with pears and artichokes,
candle holders filled with potting soil and votives,
“Christmas in a jar”.
Here are a few simple decorating ideas
that make a big statement
for the holidays.

Here’s the Dirt…A Quirky Idea from The Clay Pot…"Christmas in a Jar"

“Christmas in a Jar”

Looking for a quirky, fun and different holiday decorating idea?
“Christmas in a Jar”
The Clay Pot
Mood moss, cedar, spruce, pine cones, dried lemons…and a touch of snow!
They are great grouped together
on a mantle, sideboard or table.

Here’s the Dirt…"Holiday Hearth" by The Clay Pot in CityScope Magazine

The Clay Pot designed this “Holiday Hearth” for
Keeping the natural look of this cabin, I used moss, wire stockings, mum balls in boxes and pine cone votives. I added the “Joy” letters, from my original photos, to add a little personalization to the hearth. You could spell your last name or any phrase with the photo letters. The letters are suspended with thin brown ribbon and fastened with mini clothes pins.
This was a fun project to work on.
The new owners and editors of CityScope magazine,
George and Cindi Mullinix,
have brought lots of fresh ideas and fun features to CityScope Magazine.
Make sure you check out
the magazine at
Find out… all about… the exciting
city of

Here’s the Dirt…Holiday Music Favorites

Some of my “Holiday Music Favorites”
I’m loving the new David Archuleta’s “Christmas from the Heart”,
holiday CD. It’s a great mix of traditional holiday songs with a few new songs included. His voice is so smooth and works well with this style of music. The orchestrations are not overdone and the emphasis is on David Archuleta’s great voice. When he sang “Imagine” on American Idol, everyone loved the simplicity of the song and the power of his voice. “Christmas from the Heart” is done in this same style, showcasing his wonderful talent.
Another holiday favorite of mine is
Lorrie Morgan’s “Merry Christmas from London”.
This CD came out in 1993, but stills shines as a great holiday music CD.
Lorrie Morgan performs with “The New World Philharmonic”.
This CD is should be in everyone’s holiday collection.
Both are available from

Here’s the Dirt…Reindeer at The Clay Pot

The Clay Pot
I think these reindeer are such cute gifts for the holidays.
They are made by Jeremie out of Atlanta.
They have so much character with their antlers
filled with leaves, a bird and a nest of gilded eggs.
They are available in natural and white.
Fill their backs with goodies and you have a fun holiday gift!
I put a bag of “Marmalade Rose Hips” in these!
Reindeer are $37.00 each.
We ship!

Here’s the Dirt…Ann Jumper’s Toasted Pecans

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without Mother’s toasted pecans. They always seem to appear right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Boy, are we lucky! I eat them by the hand full, on salads, on ice cream with just a dab of chocolate syrup.

Ann Jumper’s Toasted Pecans

Preheat oven at 300 degrees. Spread pecans on a cookie sheet. (You can use pecan halves or pieces) Dot with butter. About every 20-30 minutes stir pecans, add salt and more butter. Continue until desired brownness. It takes about 1 hour. Enjoy!