Here’s the Dirt…"The Clay Pot"…January 2012

“The Clay Pot”
Chattanooga, TN
Here is a sampling of some of the new looks
we have been working on at the shop.
It’s always fun coming up with new display ideas.
January is the perfect month
for making changes and sprucing up the shop…
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to see even more of what we are doing…
Tell us what you think of the shop!

Here’s the Dirt…"Cute Packaging of Bella Cucina Products"

“Cute Packaging”
One of my vendors, “Addiah”, does such a great job packaging
and embellishing her “Bella Cucina” Products
that we carry in the shop…
the mini wooden spoon just top them off!
My vendors, like “Addiah” add so much to the variety of products
we carry in the shop.
They all do such a great job!

Here’s the Dirt…"The Clay Pot" by "La La Design"

“The Clay Pot” by “La La Design”

How cool are these custom pillows
by my new vendor,
Autumn Brown Edwards of “La La Design”!

Spell any name, word…initial, whatever!
That’s what makes these so much fun.
Casual and quirky…Perfect for a
front porch swing…graduation gift
for the new dorm room…
“eat” in the breakfast room…
“sit” in the den…the possibilities are endless.

Now available at
The Clay Pot.
We ship!

Here’s the Dirt…"Sophie Conran" Tableware available at The Clay Pot

“Sophie Conran” Tableware

now available at

The Clay Pot.

Looking for the perfect housewarming or bridal gift?

“Sophie Conran” tableware is just the answer!

Awarded “House Beautiful’s Gold Award”

for Best Tableware,

each piece comes packaged

in a custom designed box.

Prices range from $17.50 to $44.00.

They are definitely a lot of bang

(and wow)

for the buck!

Available in various styles and colors.

Shipping available.
Call 423.265.2007

Here’s the Dirt…"Custom Wooden Boxes" at The Clay Pot

Our new
“Custom Made Boxes”
have been designed specifically for
The Clay Pot
by a local woodworker.
They each have a subtle clay pot logo
stamped on the lower corner.
The boxes are perfect for small personal arrangements,
gift containers, centerpieces and plants.
They are simple, yet striking,
and perfect for the holidays!
Available in various sizes.
Custom sizes are also available.
The Clay Pot