Here’s the Dirt…"Blue Hyacinths" at The Clay Pot

“Blue Hyacinths”
The Clay Pot
Hyacinths are one of my very favorite flowers for spring.
I fixed these blue hyacinth bulbs in assorted
cylinder vases filled with dirt and mood moss.
I simply removed the planted bulbs from their plastic
containers…placed in vases…added dirt…and topped with
mood moss.
So easy!

Here’s the Dirt…"Wedding Samples" by The Clay Pot

A few samples of wedding items styled by
The Clay Pot.
We are so fortunate to have worked on
such a variety of weddings this past year.
Looking back, I really notice the different looks
each wedding has…and that’s what makes them
so much fun to create!
For more wedding information call
The Clay Pot

Here’s the Dirt…"Our Holiday Ladies"

“Our Holiday Ladies”
We created these “holiday ladies” for
a new boutique’s Holiday Open House in Chattanooga, TN.
“K” a Boutique by Katherine Roberts
We used chicken wire for the base,
cedar for the skirts and
burlap for the blouses…
accessorized with ribbons…
and a carnival ticket brooch.
Can’t wait to see them in her holiday windows!