Here’s the Dirt…Handmade Easter Baskets by The Clay Pot

Handmade Easter Baskets
The Clay Pot
It was so much fun making these handmade…
and I might add…organic looking
Easter Baskets.
They are so simple to make.
Take any kind of paper…
(we used white packing material)
Cut or rip the paper into strips.
Mix equal parts basic school glue and water.
Cover a deep salad or cereal bowl complely with cellophane.
Dip you paper strips in the glue/water mixture and lay strips over bowl.
Continue until your bowl is completely covered.
Let dry for 24 hours…
Carefully, lift paper basket off of bowl…separating you paper from you cellophane.
Add grass and eggs!
Display and enjoy!

Here’s the Dirt…"Yarn Ball Holiday Wreaths" by The Clay Pot

Yarn Ball Wreaths
We created these yarn ball wreaths
for the lobby of the
Volunteer Building in Chattanooga, TN.
We were given large artificial wreaths
to work with for our base.
To go with the sleek remodeled look of
the interiors, designed by Rodney Simmons
of REVIVAL, I knew I wanted to keep them
clean and simple.
We added fresh cedar and wrapped styrofoam balls
with different muted shades of yarn.
Love how using just these two simple elements,
made the simple artificial wreaths quite stunning!

Here’s the Dirt…"Holiday Wall of Logs" at The Clay Pot

Holiday Wall of Logs
We created this wall of logs display
behind our checkout counter
at the shop for the holidays.
A limb just happened to fall in the front yard…
so we decided to slice it up!
Thanks to my brother…and his chainsaw!
We hung the log disks using
Velcro peel and stick squares.
So simple!
Love the contrast of the wood and the white.
The holidays are so much fun…
finding fun ways to tweak
simple items!
Happy Holidays
The Clay Pot!

Here’s the Dirt…"Fir Ladies", 2012 by The Clay Pot

“Fir Ladies”
The Clay Pot

This year we varied the styles of our
“Fir Ladies” for Holiday 2012…
the short & sassy mini, 
the bohemian with long flowing skirt 
and the classic one-shoulder mid length.
Had such a fun time creating these for
the windows at
“K :: A Boutique by Katherine Roberts”
in Chattanooga, TN
…they debuted in her holiday windows tonight!
Stop by and check out “the ladies” and
do some fun shopping in Katherine’s beautiful boutique
during the holidays!

Here’s the Dirt…"Step Up To The Plate!"

“Step Up To The Plate”
Here’s a fun easy way to add some WOW to a wall…
You can use any assortment of salad plates.
I always group them on the floor first
to see how the colors work together…
using peel off velcro…
peel and stick. 
I  like placing them close together on a wall,
actually touching,
that way, you don’t even need a tape measure.

Here’s the Dirt…"The Clay Pot"…January 2012

“The Clay Pot”
Chattanooga, TN
Here is a sampling of some of the new looks
we have been working on at the shop.
It’s always fun coming up with new display ideas.
January is the perfect month
for making changes and sprucing up the shop…
We would love for you to “like” us on our facebook page
to see even more of what we are doing…
Tell us what you think of the shop!

Here’s the Dirt…"Map your Destiny" at The Clay Pot

A few photos of my shop…

“The Clay Pot”


Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It’s always fun creating new displays in the shop,

today we worked on a “Map” area…
thought it turned put very well.

I love the globe, postcards

and just the entire mix of muted colors…