Here’s the Dirt…"Mixing Old & New"

“Mixing Old & New”
I love the mixing of the red chairs
with the old industrial table.
How about that industrial light fixture.
Topping the table off with a simple large vase of cut quince,
one of my absolute favorites,
adds even more wow to the room!
The black and white mix of old and new
makes a grand statement, too!
These are some of the images you can find
in the new book by
Christina Strutt,
At Home with Country.
Photographed by Edina van der Wyck.

Here’s the Dirt…"Weddings by Tara Guerard"

The new “Weddings by Tara Guerard” is a must for any new bride.
Tara Guerard’s talents are simply amazing.
As a premier event designer, Tara’s new book has great ideas
for spectacular events and weddings.
The book features “Details”, “Bright Ideas” and some of her famous “Recipes”.
The book is beautifully photographed by Liz Banfield.

I got the chance to meet Tara in Charleston a couple of years ago when she did
the wedding for my friends Sallie Gray and Jason Clayton.
Being in the floral industry, it was such a treat to meet
Tara and see her work in person.
It was such a fun weekend and I was amazed at every little detail.
I have enjoyed following Tara’s career.
She is one of the very few, who has the unbelievable
natural talent and vision that inspires so many of us.
Congratulations Tara!
To see more of Tara’s wonderful work visit