Here’s the Dirt…Everybody Needs a Heart!

That’s right…everybody needs a heart. These quirky colored hearts are fun to make and let you add some personality to your Valentine’s decor!
Fabric Covered Hearts
What your will need:
1 Large Styrofoam heart form
About 1 yard of fabric
Metal “U” florist pins
About 1 1/2 yards #9 Ribbon to coordinate with your fabric.
Hot Glue Gun
Lay your heart form on top of your fabric and cut fabric allowing about 1 1/1″ extra around the sides to fold and pin around the outside of your form. Repeat, for the back side. Once you have attached your fabric, hot glue your ribbon around the sides to hide your fabric ends and pins.
These hearts are great to hang on your door or use inside hanging on a wall or mirror.
If you would rather just purchase one of our “Quirky Hearts” we have made some extras at The Clay Pot.

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