Here’s the Dirt…"A New Look and Color at The Clay Pot"

“A new look and color”
It’s that time of year, after the holidays, when I just want to do something different at the shop. Yesterday, we painted one of our rooms a pale, pale blue. The subtle color adds a crisp clean look to the room. The color works well with the blue and white combination. ( I added a little forsythia for a touch of yellow) It also works well with the black and white leaf prints. I’m feeling very inspired now to paint more. I’ll keep you posted…

2 thoughts on “Here’s the Dirt…"A New Look and Color at The Clay Pot"

  1. Hi Jo,

    My email won’t let me reply to your email, I have no idea what is going on!

    Nice to meet/talk to you, it’s rare to get someone to email me I‘m touched that you have done that, thank you.
    Yes I’m new to blogging as well; I’ve had a lot of help from a friend who taught me the basics of it.

    Thanks for following me as well, I look forward to watching your blog.


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