Here’s the Dirt…A "Wonderful" Play List…for Your Next Dinner Party

I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favorite music lists.
The first play list is an assortment of songs I have name “Wonderful”.
I get more compliments whenever I have this cd playing.
It’s mellow and quirky, too. You can use this play list as a guide when
making your own “Wonderful” cd.
Happy listening!


1. Because of You/ Kenny Rankin
2. Falling Slowly/ American Idol
3. Always On My Mind/ American Idol
4. To Be With You/ David Archuleta
5. Goovin’/ Kenny Rankin
6. To Make You Feel My Love/ American Idol
7. Angels/ David Archuleta
8. I’m Yours/ Jason Mraz
9. Daydreamer/ Adele
10. The Way I Am/ Ingrid Michaelson
11. Complainte De La Butte/ Rufus Wainwright
12. Aux Lang Sine/ Sex in the City
13. Moon River/ David Burnham
14. Fields of Gold/ Ava Cassidy
15. In This Life/ Collin Raye
16. Is It Over Yet/ Wynonna Judd
17. Where Do You Start/ Tony Bennett
18. Someone to Watch Over Me/ John Stevens
19. A Song For You/ Elliott Yamin
20. Wait For You/ Elliott Yamin
21. The Way You Look Tonight/ American Idol

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