Here’s the Dirt…REVIVAL at Warehouse Row

REVIVAL at Warehouse Row
Today I got the chance to visit the new location of REVIVAL at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga, Tennessee. WOW! Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall and the entire gang have created a shopping experience like no other! There is not another store that compares to the styling and merchandising of REVIVAL. It’s cozy, creative, bold, exciting and unexpected. The new store is much larger than their last location. You go from room to room and wonder…how can someone even imagine this and make it all look so great. There are so many wonderful items to see. Chandelier after chandelier…all very unusual, huge cylinder vases covered in burlap, teal trash cans hanging on the wall, an 8 foot round clock on the wall, laundry bag throw pillows, industrial desks…believe me, you just have to go see it for yourself. I wish Rodney and Billy all the luck and good fortune they so truly deserve. They have created a masterpiece right here in the heart of Chattanooga. Make sure you make a purchase, too! The gift wrapping is a work of art in itself. Go, Go, Go!

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