Here’s the Dirt… "Literature Candles"

“A Christmas Carol” Votive
“A Christmas Carol” in Houndstooth 3×6 Candle in Glass
“A Christmas Carol” in Glenn Plaid Can

“A Christmas Carol” in Houndstooth Can

“Literature Candles”

I am very excited to announce the launch of a brand new candle line,

“Literature Candles”.

I’m especially excited because Joe Jumper,
yes that’s me, is the creator of the line.
With the help of a local candle manufacturer
I have created “Literature Candles”.

The candles premiered at our recent Holiday Open House
and were a hit.

First on my list when creating the line, great scents!
Second, creating a candle packaging pleasing to the eye and home.
As they all say…it’s all in the presentation!

How did I come up with “Literature Candles” for the name?
Each collection is named after a form of literature…
English Lit…American Lit…Chic Lit…

Collections consist of different scents
named after famous works of “Literature”.

Every candle is embellished with our signature
“Literature Button”,
prose found in vintage books.

Our holiday scent, “A Christmas Carol” is shown above.
We offer various sizes to accommodate all your gift giving needs.

Visit or call The Clay Pot for “Literature Candles”.
Wholesale inquiries contact, Joe Jumper, 423.265.2007

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