Here’s the Dirt…from The Clay Pot…"Boo" Photo Votives and "Spooky Tree" Photo Votives

“Boo” Photo Votives and “Spooky Tree” Photo Votives
Just in time for Halloween, these 3×6 inch glass votives are great for adding some clever decorations to your home or Halloween party.
All the photography for Photo Votives is taken by me, Joe Jumper. Each 3×6 inch glass votive includes a votive candle and comes packaged in a clear cellophane bag, tied with ribbon.
Add some “Spooky Tree” photo votives to your mantle and a set of “Boo” votives on your front porch to greet all your tricksters!
Photo Votives is an original product line, created by Joe Jumper and Michael Sparkman, and is available at
The Clay Pot.
$16.00 each

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