Here’s the Dirt…Lush Life, in Buckhead

Lush Life
146 East Andrews Drive
in Buckhead in Atlanta, GA
One of my favorite things to do when I travel to different cities is to visit other floral, gift shops.
One of my very favorites in any city is Lush Life located in Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. You walk into an old home that has been transformed into a wonderful oasis. The displays and merchandise are incredible! When you walk out back there is a greenhouse filled with wonderful plants.
Anytime I have a customer needing flowers sent to someone in Atlanta, I always refer them to Lush Life. Next time you’re in Atlanta make sure you stop by.

One thought on “Here’s the Dirt…Lush Life, in Buckhead

  1. One of my favorite bakeries in the world is close to this shop…Henri's on Irby Avenue. I grew up near this area & we loved their gingerbread men, eclairs & roastbeef sandwiches. Went there this Spring & it's still as good as ever!

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